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Weee!!! Feeling good!!!!

Re-cap Recap of the week is here again! Wahaha…..

Fri, 14th Nov 2008

Friday, a boring day in sch and as such, all “no government” while in class. Whaha, guys, tink u know wat i meant. After sch, decided to accompany Shamus to Plaza Sing for lunch – Burger King! Yum yum… Reuben was so funny. He asked the counter lady, “A Whooper meal can make Quad Stacker?” Then I was tinking, WA, he just released from prison ah, wanna eat so much… Zzzz…. Then the lady told her can but gonna be very ex, then he kinda have tat actions of Mai liaoz…. LOL… I ate the mushroom swiss triple patties one. Shiok… Tink one day can try the 4 patties “BALLSY” Version. Yum yum, damn hungry again now while blogging. Zzzzz….. After lunch, Shamus went off to his WOW, Lich King launch event while Reuben set off to work. The rest – Hock, Bryant, Me, Ros, Jeremy, Yiquan, Ming Qing and Linda-pig came to my house. C I so good rite? Allow animals, all the more, a pig to enter my house. Wakakaka….. Some played mahjong while the rest played computer games. Yi Quan the funniest one. I let him play Deadspace on my 32” Lcd Tv, lights off and blasting sound with the monitor lighting dimmed. THENNNNNN, Ming Qing suddenly go in and “BOO” and Yiquan got a shock… LOL.. So scary meh the game? ZZZZZZZ…… Somemore I asked him if he play at home scary anot he say not scary. LOL… Cute, and yes, after some hours, all hungry le so I led them down to the usual Zhu Chao stall opposite Zhong Hua Sch. I ordered my fav. beef “fly” rice but cant finished eating. Sigh… These days, been getting those irritating giddy spells. Sucksssss…… Ok, back to story.  went back, cont to mahjong. And yesh yesh, the seldom wanna take photo me agreed to taking photo wif them earlier so no choice lor, pei them take. >< Photos attached below. Keke….






Ok, tat’s all for Fri nite.

Sat, 15th Nov 2008

Stoned at home in the afternoon n y? Simple reason, woke up only in the afternoon ma. Wahahah… Then mum called me, ask me buy 4D, then I went do to central to get it done. Reaching the booth, I bought her numbers and WA, total 82 dollars… Zzzzz, me buy 1 big 1 small already so much le. She ah…. Zzzzz…. then I called her to tell her n ask her, y she dun buy 4D herself, her reason, if she buy, it will be 182 dollars and not 82 dollars. TRUE TRUE….. Zzzzzzz…… After buying went Mac’s buy fries w/o salt. Hehe, must learn to stay healthier le…. Had a dinner wif platoon mates and before I left home, stupid Chin Hock asked me if he can fly aeroplane! PUIIIII….. U fly me piak piak…. Knowing I may be late if I missed the bus, I told my brother, hu was using the com at tat time, to ignore him. In the end, we decided to go to this place at Katong to eat:


Sorry, for the blur picture. Haha. But this place, service is gd, food is cheap already and it could not get any better. They are celebrating their dunno wat anniversary and so we had a 20 per cent discount. Me ordered steak and carbonara pasta. YUM YUM, 2 main courses but not filling…. Food was gd and filling for most people except mayb the steak was abit too well done even though I asked for medium-well done. After which we cut cake for Chin Hock and Li Heng. Then after the cake, din know the waiter brought up a durian ice cream thingy up and all of us were laughing cos so much cake things to eat… Lol… Had fun though.. NEXT TIME GO THERE EAT AGAIN AHZ!!!! Hu wan go there eat can tell me, we go eat… ^^ Upon reaching home while scanning my old photos, suddenly my dad came back and asked, “Y din come airport fetch me.” Lol, so funny la, he himself tell me Sun nite come back then I stunned oso y suddenly he popped back home. Haha, so happy, grandma found some old photos of me. Found below!!!!! Forgive me for the lousy quality, no choice, lousy scanner and no money!!!!

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115223717

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115223844

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115224019

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115224113

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115224214

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115224336

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115224445

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115224635

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115224751

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115224845

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115225132

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115225337

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115225431

Samsung CLX-216x Series_20081115225627

Sun, 16th Nov 2008

Slept well so woke up at 1pm, after which read papers and ate my cold prata. >< Thanks dad for helping me buy it though. ^^ After which, wanna help bro do up his com, after opening the plastic then I was like oops…. He bought a Sata hard disk which the com was using the old IDE connection only. Haha, so no choice, called Jeremy of the shop he bought from, ask can change anot then he say by right cannot, but still, THANKS AHZ!!!!! So lazy go alone so ask pig if she wanna join me anot since near her place oso. Then after which can eat ice monster since I had the craving for it. THENNNN, basket, pig jiu shi pig, ask me if I treating. Then I say ok lor. But thanks la, she gave me face follow me go there. LOL. NO PRIZE FOR U THOUGH. Was abit late cos Little India was packed as usual even in the afternoon. Tink soon it will become Big India. Reaching Sim Lim, proceeded to the shop lor, then changed the hard disk wif Jeremy. Surprisely, IDE was cheaper by 5 dollars, so he refunded me lor. Before he left, he jokingly said, MA FAN ONLY LA U!!! SORRY LA….!!!! Next time i go buy more things jiu shi le. Later on, proceeded to Ice monster. THEN THE PIG, NO ZHU JIAN ONE, follow me eat the same thing. But ok la, she wanted to pay herself. Since I agreed to earlier then I treated lor. No choice, buy heart abit if not will have to go alone… WAHAHHAA…. Ice monster was yummy! From which gotta thank her for following me to Suntec to look for bed tray. BUT THEY DUN HAVE…. ARGHHH WHERE IN SINGAPORE SELL BED TRAY????? After tat, I was hungry but she was not, weird rite? Wakaka…. So I decided to makan pepper lunch, then ask pig if she ate before, she said no. HOW CAN NVR EAT BEFORE? SO YUMMY LA!!!! Zzzzz…. But pepper lunch more expensive then the express, but still NICE LA….Zzzz… Everytime tok abt food only, my stomach will growl. Then I took one more spoon n ask pig to try. Later she say so so la, believe anot? her expression said something else lor. After dinner, wanted go home le, but saw got wat fair one at convention centre. So went in KLKK abit lor. But nothing much inside la. Some book fair, tv fair and Singtel roadshow. After which, go home! seeing tat the weather so good, decided to walk home. But since the pig stay at Little India there, abit de dangerous so walked her back first lor. So dark there la her house… Zzzzzz, give me stay oso dun wan!!!!!! After which, I cont. to walked down Boon Keng, Potong Pasir, Woodleigh and back home. During the walk, had lots of thoughts. Sigh.. Thoughts of not meeting up wif U today. Y are we owis in such a situation. Both of us hate to be in such a situation then y still owis end up like tat. Arghh… How nice if I could control my temper. I know I have been harsh, but, sigh…. Nvm, it’s my fault. Sorry! Reaching home, went to bathe then remembered Chris told me abt the “Ken Lee” Song by some Bulgarian Idol. So I went to search Youtube. The wonders of Youtube is neverending. It allows people to upload nice videos… KEEP THE NICE VIDEOS ROLLING MAN!!! Below is the Ken Lee song. ENJOY!!!!

Tat’s all for this week. Hope next week, we will be alright. Looking forward to gd newsssss…. I LOVE U, DEAR! Missing you ><


KNSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today went to meet mum for lunch.. Hehe, Mum treated me turtle and crocodile meat soup! So long no drink and eat le… YUM YUM YUM!!! Then after tat went to buy 4D quick pick. Got the number 3472 AND NOW JUST REALISED STUPID 3492 CAME OUT IN THE STARTER PRIZE!!!! BLEHZZZZZZ….. ZZZZZ not my luck ba….. F5……..

SEE LA!!!!!!!!! Sobssss.. If not got pocket money!!!! Hahahaha…..


Quite some time no blog le Sorry!

Weee I have not been blogging for quite some time n a few of my frens have been blowing me to do so. So tadaaaaa, tat is wat I m gonna do now. Have not been feeling well so cant blog. Now better le, thanks all for the concern I have been receiving.

Recap Time: ><

31 Oct 2008

Was is sch for almost the whole day. Cos got the exam to take which was scheduled at 7pm. Zzzz…. So no choice lor, after morning lesson, stayed in sch n absorb as much as I can. Turned out scored 920/1000 for it. Hehe… Quite happy thought can go home after tat, who knows, maple group call n say coming to pick me up from my house…. Zzzzz then cannot rest le lor, reached home only gotta pack n go. No time to even take a shower. Thanks Nottiboy for the lift though, if not, I might not turn up oso. Hahaha… Meibao took alot of photos and since there are sooo soooo many, I dun planned to post all here. The link is given below though. Those interested may take a look.

Maple Chalet (31st Oct - 13th Nov 2008)

Actually, I din know go for the chalet, it to celebrate Ah ma’s B’day countdown which is on the 1st. Whahaha…… Well, B’day ger or rather B’day AH MA seems happy. See 4 urselves:


Dunno y so happy oso. SO OLD LE STILL HAVE NEW PHONE… WAHAHHA… GIF ME BETTER LAAAAAA!!!!! Keke.. Kidding kidding… ><

Me and the AH MA:


Welll, B’day ger glad u like ur B’day present!!! COS ALL OF US HOLE IN POCKET LE!!!!! Zzzzz…. U had better live long enough to use the phone. Wakakaka….

Tat nite, saw something so funny. Nvm I shall name tat irritating guy “ASS”. Apparently. ASS and a few others were playing Big 2. Thennnn, while another grp was watching a movie, then reach climax all stared into the direction of the tv. Left tat ASS then who was giving out cards. Then, though my eyes were on the tv, my side view caught a glimpse of wat the ASS was doing, After giving out the cards, he looked through the 4 sets of cards n picked all the 2s cards and form a diamond 3 flush. Whaha.. then he put back the cards. Then later, I tink Kevin saw it oso and pretended, “I WANTED this set of cards” – pointing to the set in front of the ASS. After opening up the cards, the Ass pretended again, “WA THIS SET OF CARDS SO NICE, SURE WIN ONE HOH?” LIKE DUHZ la, DUN TREAT ALL OF US like idiots laaaaaaa. Zzzzz… After the show it was ard 1 plus am? Then decided go play bowling. BUT THEN ALL THE LANES FULL LA SO SAD! Then must put my name. Then the counter girl is so “smart”. She asked me wat name? I said Kevyn Teo, then after a while she asked again. Then I repeated like 2 3 times again “Kevyn Teo”. If she spelled Kevin Teo still ok. SHE SPELLED “KELVIN LIU” ZZZZZZZZ…. Maciam the name for her own understanding. In the end, all the queue number got mixed up oso. Then again, while waiting, THE ASSS again said, “Aiya, no need play le la, 3am close, now list still so long, TML THEN PLAY LA”. Chinwee then got so pissed off and said no matter how hard he tried persuading him to not play, he will still wait. SO LOYAL TO ME.. TOUCHED.. COME KISS KISS!!!! MARIO CHIN WEE BELOW!


Kevin and Joey oso stayed n we waited till ard 2.45 am then got lanes. Then we realised, next day, sat, lanes are closed for competition until 9pm. ASS happy waiting, we all go home liaoz!!!! WAHAHHAA…had 6 games free and play like soooo fun. There got 32 lanes and new smooth lanes.. Weee.. Best, the ASS came back from makan and saw us playing and wanted to play. WAHAHAH really an ASSSSs rite? Then can c, he wanted compete wif me silently. I let him lor, In the end, my score 161 his 115. SUCKER TAKE TAT! >< Opps, sorry ah, spoiling my own image of INNOCENT BOY BOY!!! Keke…After bowling, go back POM on the bed and Zzzzz le….

1st Nov 2008

Woke up and realised almost everyone not in, so lazed ard. Then when they came back, I knew they sure take photo of those sleeping, as such, I covered blanket lor and then they say, WAAAA LIKE MUMMY! Zzzzzz…. Look like mehz?


Then wake up totally, thought got better things to do only to realise, most started to play card games again…. Zzzzz come chalet play card games, might as well play at my house rite? Zzzz… Then I followed Chin Wee back to his house and played wif Pawche. Poor Pawche having her period so bleed bleed. She look so tired la, poor dog…. Then Chin Wee played dota one rd then we head over back to the chalet to have our bbq.

Upon reaching the chalet, some seem tired and wanna go back soon and the ASS make the fire, or rather, all we c is smoke and no fire… Whaha, then Chin Wee and me gonna remake the fire. More work for us only. Zzzzz… But hoh, i seldom go bbq eat chicken wing de. Then after trying 1, I ate alot more la, like 10? 15? Thanks Mei Bao for the deliciously marinated food. After the bbq, went back ard 9plus in a cab. A few photos are shown below. Hahaha!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Group Photo


The Fire Starters: From left: Kevyn, Chin Wee, Kevin 


The “GIFTED” Shirt


The Smiley Shirt


2nd Nov 2008

Woke up, felt abit weird in my throat, mayb it’s de bbq ba. But nvm once in a blue moon still ok. Then set off to Vivo, wanted surprised Dear wif a MP3 for her B’day, but thought ask her choose herself better. She seems happy though there was no surprise this year. Sorry Dear, was not feeling well. Then wanted catch a show after tat, SAW V? Haha, Too bad timing was bad as she gotta go back home for dinner. As such, head to my house instead and downloaded some songs before going back to her place. Least expected, after pizza dinner, I felt so weak, I slept in her room for a while and after which, knew I was running a fever, Sigh.. Next day got sch, so come home lor……

3rd Nov 2008

Usually ard 8am I wld have left home, but ard 8 plus am, I heard sms and just could not get myself to wake up. Then 9 plus am Yiquan called me n asked me y not going to sch? Cos he brought my hard disk. So sorry dude. After which, I went back sleep…. Woke up ard 1pm, Dad was ard and I told him, cannot, I gotta c a doc. So dragged myself to the clinic. Upon seeing the doctor, he asked “so how are u feeling?” Then I said weak lor but like no fever, runny nose, no cough no sore throat but wif migraine. Then he took my temperature and he said U are running a fever of 38.4 degree celsius. So, he prescribed some medicine and after lunch, I went back to sleep.

4th Nov 2008

Sian, woke up only start to sneeze sneeze sneeze then saw thick thick blood on my mucus… Sigh… Tink too hitter le….. No choice lor, wait a few days and c wat happens.

9th Nov 2008

Today, decided to go c a doctor again, this time, I went to the one recommended by my father. Doc say most prob is a blood vessel burst or wat, as such he asked me if I wan the normal antibiotics or the expensive one, then I said expensive one lor but din know, Zzzzzz, 35 dollars for 1 box inside only 10 tablets. SO EXPENSIVE LA….. But no choice ba, total bill came up to ard 64 dollars. Zzzzz… Pocket one hole again….

10th Nov 2008

Feeling better today so went to sch, after which, 10 classmates wanted to come to my place to play tennis. So after sch, we went Vivo City for lunch. Wanted eat Burger King de, but then alot of people so changed venue to Long John Silvers. After which, took the North-East Line to Kovan to collect my tennis racket which I had sent in earlier for re-stringing. Sigh, sad thing was came back was still drizzling. So sorry people, all gotta play in the rain… But glad, all seem happy then. Haha.. Next time play again ah!!!!! ><

OK, Tat’s all folks. Will update again when there are interesting stuffs. ><

New Digital Set-up Box

Hehe… Well.. I have been stoning these few days at home cos my budget tight tight le. Sobsssss…. So those people who have been calling rich boy, Stop doin so! Blehz… Well, boring as it maybe, I happened to browse through my new Starhub bill and realise, whoa, every month paying 100 plus is rather high, how to cut cost lei? Sigh… Then Flipping over the letter, I saw Rewards point, and went to surf Starhub webby and realised I could actually exchanged the points of a new digital box – usual every month abt 4 dollars. So still alright la. Haha.. As such, decided to meet my mama for dinner at old house then after which went straight down to Plaza Sing wif my papa. It took a rather short period of time and after which, come home continue to stone. Can fight wif Statue of Liberty for “most still award” le. keke.. No offence no offence. ^^


New blog

Ahem.... Let's c... how i go abt this blog... Well... First time doing so and as such, please forgive any mistakes such as arrangment or wat. Will get tat sorted out asap.

Ok.... October 20, is the day i will start blogging. Simple simple one la hoh... me noob.... soooo..... Stay tuned.... ><